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August 1st --Chinese Army Day


In order to enhance the cohesion of the team and promote the spirit of iron and blood, on the August 1st Army Day, we met together to start a live-action CS battle in Senshan Health Town.

How can you not add some physical strength before the war begins? We first fill up our stomachs in the self-service barbecue area. Everyone has a clear division of labor. Barbecuing and Dendrobium noodle making are carried out at the same time. There is also a small team that picks dragon fruit by hand under the guidance of professionals. Xu Yi added everyone's work sweat in, and a simple meal was also very tasty.

After the intense game, we went to the lounge to rest. Everyone chatted in twos, or rested at the desk, or visited the Dendrobium Museum to explore the mysteries, or played card games. Approaching the evening, everyone went to KTV to release the pressure and sang.

This event not only relieved the pressure in daily work, but also exercised everyone's perseverance. I believe that in the future we can also bring this team spirit to work and have a beautiful ending in the second half of the year.