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why are so many office staff keen to keep working from home?


Lockdown is a common phenomenon this year, many worker are still working in their own home .

Some places can allow staff go back into offices at their own discretion when they feel it's safe to do so or according to the news of the government.

More and more office workers would like to work at home.


Some people say if work at home, no need to take trains or bus every month or every day between home and office ,And they will now stop at the supermarket or restaurant on the way from home to work, which will help them save both time and money. relieve financial stress,


Some others say working at home gives them more quality time with their family members.

They're making up for it with their parents and helping the children with their studies during the day. which has fulfilled the responsibilities as a child and a parent .

That is why they think working from home should be an option for all the people where possible .

There are also have people say her mental health has "improved substantially" since she's been working from home. And working at home give more time to themselves .which make them feel "much less stressed and anxious than they are all day in the office".

They realized that since she had been working from home, which made it easier to " focus on work", not like in the office, an office place, many people sit around her desk, and every person talk with different customer for different issues , and will be interrupted some times .


Many people believe working at home can be a new working style in the future .