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From the formal purchase to the refurbishment, Purcell Building finally ushered in the time to settle in at the end of October. The building is towering, tall and straight, and the interior design is simple but not simple. From the lobby on the first floor, to the cultural exhibition hall and sample exhibition hall on the second and third floors, to the restaurant and various function halls, and finally to the office area on each floor, it is the presentation of ecology and humanity. Sail Building is not a simple office building. Externally, it represents the image of the company; internally, it is the home of thousands of employees of the group.

     On October 27th, all colleagues of Yuli and Soochow held a simple celebration ceremony on the second day after they officially settled in. During the ceremony, there are flowers and pastries, fruit drinks, and everyone's heart. Everyone celebrated with a toast, ate and chatted, and ended the happy celebration ceremony amidst laughter.

New building, new conditions, new goals. Thanks to the group for providing us with such a good office environment, I hope that Purcell will get better and better, and we will continue to work hard to improve our performance!