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What are the advantages and disadvantages of bathing with bath balls?

The benefits of bathing with a bath ball: it can make the body cleaner and remove keratin.

The disadvantages of bathing balls: For people with sensitive skin, bathing balls can damage the skin.

The role of using bath balls:The bath ball is the best tool for foaming the shower gel. It can remove the dirt and sweat of the skin and make our skin smoother and more delicate.

[Use of bath ball]:
Many people who have used bath balls know that bath balls are mainly used to make the shower gel used for bathing foamy, and can be bought in general supermarkets. When we use it, we need to soak the bath ball first, then squeeze out some shower gel and put it on the top of the bath ball, then gently rub it, and immediately you can see that a lot of foam is generated, and then we are on the body Just scrub. When we use the bath ball again, we should pay attention to that there is a thread on the top of the bath ball. That line is used to hang the bath ball. Bath balls are best used for one week, soak them in boiling water once, and use them for three months.

[Choose bath ball]:
The color of the bath ball is generally diversified, there are many bright colors, generally yellow and blue, and there are many pink and white. I do n’t know if you find it. Very few merchants will produce black bath balls. There is a feeling of uncleanness, black is rare in the market, so there are certain choices for bath balls in color.
1. The general bath ball has a lanyard. Approximately 42CM, ball diameter 12CM weight 40G cleans the whole body skin. Bring refreshing bathing enjoyment.
2. The texture should be fine and comfortable. The friction is comfortable, and it is corrosive and not moldy.
3. The mesh is dense and the blisters are abundant. Add an appropriate amount of shower gel when taking a bath. Naturally lather when rubbing gently to massage and exfoliate.

[Notes on using bath balls]:
It will make you feel particularly comfortable when taking a bath with a bath ball. In the sauna or shower, put the shower gel on the bath ball and gently rub the skin to produce a lot of foam. Both the shower gel is kept between the sponge ball and the skin. Massage helps promote blood circulation, remove fatigue, and completely remove skin dirt The effect of refreshing skin. So, what do you need to pay attention to when using the bath ball?
1. When using the bath ball, avoid letting bubbles get into your eyes. If you accidentally get into your eyes, you should immediately rinse them with clean water.
2. After the shower, be sure to rinse the foam above the bath ball, and finally shake it dry to make it completely dehydrated. Place it in a dry place to avoid moisture and breeding bacteria.
3. Bathing balls should be soaked in boiling water every other week, and changed at least every three months.