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The benefits of wearing a blindfold and the versatile use of the blindfold.

1. Shading, easy to sleep. Have we tried because the sun is too dazzling or the light of the light is too bright, even if the eyes are closed, it will still feel white and bright, making it difficult to fall asleep, in this case, I can use an eye mask to cover the light to achieve The effect of sleeping in the night.

2. Can eliminate eye fatigue. Sometimes we read books and computers or look at the sun for too long, resulting in the symptoms of eye pain and soreness. At that time, we can use the eye mask of the water bag to sleep, which can reduce eye fatigue.

3. Eye swelling can be removed. When we are all sad, weep and vent our anger and troubles, and then we will see that our eyes have become swollen and red. At this time, I can use a water bag eye mask, take the water bag to refrigerate it, and then wear water Bag blinds can remove our puffiness.

4. Can apply ice to dissipate heat. When we have a high fever, or when the body temperature is too high, we can also use the refrigerated water bag eye mask on the forehead to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

5. Can reduce pain. Our menstrual period is coming, we can also take the heat to warm the water bag, and then stick it on our abdomen, which can reduce the discomfort and pain during menstruation.