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Our Group Held the Quarterly Presidential Meeting


There is a particularly important setting for new employees in the unique corporate culture system of Sellers Union Group – presidential meeting. When new employees have been working in the group for three months, the group will arrange for them to communicate with the president face-to-face and deeply exchange issues of mutual concern, which fully reflects the group's understanding and care for new employees. We hope that newcomers can be more confident about their career development motivation and growth plan through candid communication with the highest level of the group, so as to better integrate into this common cause.


· Time:

October 15th, 2020

· Scale:

Ningbo Operation Center, 40 employees who have been employed for 3 months

· Topics:

The prospects and challenges of foreign trade industry

The growth of new employees in the workplace

How to balance between work and life

The industry prospects of traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce

The company's future development direction

Ipo Sun / Ningbo Union

The president is more approachable than I thought. The atmosphere of the group is quite good that I have integrated into the working environment quickly. I will always remember my original desire and the president's expectations, and go the extra mile to achieve my goal.


Fu Luyang / Information Technology Department

As a newcomer, having this opportunity to ask questions and exchange face-to-face with the president was a very exciting experience.

His speaking and behavior style strengthened my belief to work harder in Sellers Union Group. At the same time, the meeting helped me to learn more about the thoughts of other departments and colleagues, which was very meaningful for subsequent inter-departmental cooperation and communication.


Xu Jiani / Administration Department

When communicating with the president, there was no sense of distance between us. Everyone sat together, which felt like we were back on campus. I hope that I can access to new areas that I have never unlocked before and realize my personal value in my new position.


Reigns Luo / Union Vision

This meeting gave me a more direct and in-depth understanding of the group and other colleagues. It is very exciting to absorb different ideas and concepts. I am very proud to be able to learn new skills and improve myself on such an excellent platform.


Chloe He / Greentime

The group provides newcomers with unlimited opportunities and a great platform for growth. I will always keep my enthusiasm and continuously accumulate my professional experience.  Looking forward to my future performance in the group!


President – Patrick Xu

In the past 20 years, I have experienced various external trend changes and internal development problems, but I have always kept an optimistic and tenacious attitude, and stuck to the cause I love. Foreign trade industry has a great development potential, as long as you are willing to work intensively in this field, you will surely be able to realize the values of career and life.


The epidemic did not cause serious damage to the group. Instead, the keen market intuition and business operation capabilities have helped the group to achieve contrarian growth this year, which also laid an alternative foundation for the subsequent sustainable development. I hope that the young people can gain useful experience on this platform and become better selves.